Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cullinan Heritage Diamond

The giant Cullinan is one of the most famous and the largest diamond in the world. The Cullinan weighed a massive 3,106 carats as a rough diamond crystal. The rough diamond was 10 cm long, 6 cm high and 5 cm thick. The giant Cullinan was first cut into three large parts by Joseph Asscher and Company of Amsterdam, and cut again into  9 large stones and other smaller fragments. The nine larger stones are to be found in either in the British Regalia, the English Crown Jewels, or in the personal possession of the British Royal Family. The two largest and main diamonds are the Cullinan I (aka Great Star of Africa) and the Cullinan II.

This is a diamond which set the record for the highest price ever paid for a rough diamond in February 2010 when it was sold for $35.3m

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